Hurst Green Tennis Club is a members' club. Members with an active subscription are free to use the club and its facilities at any time (subject to court availability), and to attend club sessions throughout the week, where members are encouraged to mix-in and play together - there is a slight competitive edge, but games are always played in a friendly manner.

Players of all ages and ability are welcome - contact our club secretary to arrange to come and join us during a club session.

Current annual subscription rates for 2020

 Adult (over 18)  £88
 Junior (under 18) and Students  £30
Senior Citizen (over 60)£80

Family Discount Rate (2 or 3 family members)           15%
Family Discount Rate (4 or more family members)     22.5%



 For all members paying their annual subscription by April 30th, the club will reduce the annual amount due by 20%. This is over and above any other discount given to families of two or more.

Additionally, for all members paying their annual subscription by April 30th, a “time credit” discount will be calculated on the re-opening of the Club. This credit will then be applied as a discount to your membership renewal in April 2021 by an amount equivalent to the length of the ‘close down period’.

So if, for example, the club is closed for three months, your 2021 membership renewal will be discounted by 25%. If the club is closed for a shorter or longer period, a smaller or larger discount will be applied.


Subscriptions run annually from April each year. Contact our club secretary for rates when joining within a year.

Only members who have paid their subscription will be advised of the entry codes to both the court gates and clubhouse.

Joining fees: The club does not currently charge a joining fee for new members, although the committee has discretion to reintroduce this charge if deemed appropriate.